Summertime Fine Summerella Serves Baddie Bawdy Buffet On The Gram

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Being funny and fine is a major flex, especially if you’re influencer/recording artist Summerella who continues to ascend into social media superstardom while showing OWT on the gram.

The 20-something Atlanta native previously revealed that she underwent BBL surgery back in October 2020. For those extra late to the party, a BBL is a Brazilian butt-lift surgery that’s usually a combo of liposuction and fat grafting where a person’s fat in other areas is used to enhance the size of their butt.

A month earlier, she traveled to Miami for her dream body, revealing it was done by Dr. William in a brief post, writing: With over 4 million Instagram followers and 900K Youtube subscribers, the blossoming baddie is a big deal on social media who made the leap into music by signing to Polow The Don’s Zone 4 production company.

You may remember her song “Pull Up” featuring Jacquees that she followed up with buzzy single “Pretty B****es In The Trap” Remix featuring Gucci Mane, Trouble, and Tokyo Jetz.It’s been nearly 5 years since the young entertainer rose to fame on Vine and then Youtube by making funny videos and vlogs. In 2015, she released her first single as an artist called “11 Something.”

Did you run to follow her on the gram? Tell us down below and enjoy some of ther hottest pics on the flip.

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