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Summer Boissiere, born July 19, 1995, better known as Summerella, is a talented American singer, model, songwriter, and social media influencer widely known for her videos on Instagram and Snapchat. She came into the spotlight after her hilarious skits went viral on social media.Buy Summerella Merch Here!

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Social media sensation on Twitter and Instagram who first became known for her Vine videos on her account _Summerella_. Also a singer, she released the single “11 Something” in 2015 and it reached #18 on the iTunes Pop chart as well as #24 on the Billboard Top 100 R&B chart.

Summer Boissiere, better known as Summerella, is an American singer and social media celebrity. She became famous with her comic skills on a six-second comedy platform called Vine. She steadily gained recognition on other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter where she has large fan following. She has a large number of likes on her Facebook page and is also taking YouTube by storm with her channel Summerella, which has thousands of subscribers.

Summerella Merch


Summerella initially had no clue that she would support herself through social networking sites. Later, she started posting funny videos on Vine to advertise her songs. She was convinced to change her mind by her fame, which she attained as a result of her hilarious performance on the six-second comedy platform.

Summerella later ventured into YouTube full time and has 919K subscribers on her channel which is named after her. On her channel, Summerella posts her songs with other entertaining contents.

Summer Boissiere popularly known as Summerella embodies humility at its finest; despite the fact that she has amassed huge following, she chooses to refer to her followers as “fam,” as if they were a member of her family.

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